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Jan 21, 2013 11:00pm PST
. it is located in san francisco next to the ucsf mission building. there are lots of biotechnology laboratories available. about 29 startup companies in that space developing innovative technologies. i am in biotechnology primarily. our technology creates oil using a biological process that takes waste carbon as an input. ideas such as ours often come from universities and it is a real benefit for us to be by ucsf to be part of the innovation center. not only is ucsf a part of that, but uc-berkeley and uc santa cruz. so we are part of this network. in addition, we have technology partners with berkeley laboratories. for us, a lot of the breakthroughs in our technology have really come from our partners that research laboratories and our staff. i would add to that, not only is that where it came from, but it is the type of environment that fosters creation. there is another benefit to being in this type of environment. lots of service providers, lots of other companies that are also starting businesses, whether you need legal assistance -- obviously, we have the lab space. recruiting is importan
Jan 17, 2013 3:00pm PST
of -- on some work on the ma sites that they are considering looking at for joint development, as well as ucsf which as you may have heard put their 11 acre laurel heights parcel on the the market for development. so these are large publicly owned sites roughly in the range of 10 to 15 acres each that are all in play right now so it's an interesting challenging time for us as we look at these sites. finally we are working on the eir for the tsp, the transportation -- program which is the long standing desire of this commission and department to shift away from level of service analysis into a rational way of doing transportation studies. so with that, that's a quick the coming year. with that i'll turn it over to keith for details on next year's budget. >> thank you, director rahaim. good afternoon. keith demartini martini, finance manager for the planning department and secretary eye own-in and i have copies forever the commissioner. before i begin the presentation, this work program is what we're calling the base budget or the status quo budget, as it stands today. so it basically assumes th
Jan 13, 2013 10:00am PST
events. >> cheryl: the doctor is chair of neurology department at ucsf and advisory committee to the n.f.l.. he is working with john york co-owner of the 49ers who was on the safety committee. they the tell me the n.f.l. is getting closer to find the best way to gather research on impacts to the brain, mouth guard sensors like this or helmets with sensors. >> i think we mayve the ability to put those into helmets or into mouth guards at the beginning of next season. >> it's such a weird injury. you are not sure. i think i'm okay. the brain sits in a pool of fluid. so if you move the cranium quickly the brain is going rotate and move as well. >> cheryl: the doctor says using mouth guards it could apply to a lot of sports. >> there is soccer, lacrosse and field hockey and women sports. >> cheryl: it's such a big issue. joining us is sports anchor is mike shumann. >> i have former oakland raider safety and he has been through this. let's start out how many concussions did you have while you played? >> more than i can count. that is part of the game. any kind of blind spotted or tingle is
Jan 11, 2013 11:00pm PST
're are here to dus today. i am a director of the lung transport program at ucsf medical center. i trained at harvard medical school. i came to san francisco nine years ago to -- and choose to stay in this city if you not only the job and the career and the opportunity its presented, but one of the most appealing things about my job was the city itself, and i've really truly enjoyed my experience here. i work very hard and very long hours as a transplant surgeon and under this program we have made ucsf1 of the top places. as you can imagine as a surgeon my phone and pager are on 24/7 but this schedule whatever time i have for myself or my husband we really truly consider that as a very precious time, and in this limited time when we are outside the hospital we like our neighbors like to spend time in our garden. we love to listen to the birds chip and i didn't know was possible in an urban environment and loved the sun and having living in boston and high rises i don't know that was possible in a equally cosmopolitan city like san francisco so this was one of the first things that real
Jan 18, 2013 3:30am PST
you are there, ucsf laurel heights is that -- fund? >> director rahaim: yes. they put out an rfq for redeveloping that site a couple of months ago. it's 11 acres. >> president fong: commissioner wu. >> vice president wu: i have some questions that that director you will want to answer. there are performance measures where there is room for improvement and i think our talk about the supplemental was about of related. so i just wanted to get a sense from you about what the strategy is for keeping up, or for improving actually these measures. it seems like this report talks a bit about the number of staff but i think there are probably other factors, supervision, training, other factors i'd like to hear about. >> director rahaim: yeah. there's a number of things like that. that's a great question, actually. obviously staffing numbers, just a sheer number of project has gone up so it makes those numbers hard to meet. i think to be frank some of those target numbers aren't necessarily realistic on the other end of the equation so we should maybe look at those 80% for example on the dr
Jan 28, 2013 12:30pm PST
that, because i didn't know who was working on ucsf. i don't know what is going on with that hospital over there, but i know maybe you could check it out and see what is going on over there. i don't know, because i know -- [speaker not understood] i want to say happy new year everybody here. i am very happy to be here. i haven't been here for a long time. i am very surprised with what is going on today. san francisco's buses are okay. some of its stuff is fine, but what i'm hearing is people are stealing cell phones. it's not really cool do that. watch so nobody take your ssi check. what i am hearing today, my advice to you is to please go to the ssi office and is it there to have your money in the bank account right away. so nobody will steal your check in the mailbox. beware, keep your eyes open all the time, around the house, keep your eyes open. call the police. sfpd -- i'm sorry, the post office pd. i messed up on that one. the san francisco police department, tell them what you saw and where and what time it happened, all of that stuff. i am hearing this on the news and i'm g
Jan 5, 2013 3:00pm PST
. that is ucsf. adolph sutro donated the land. >> he had a lot of land. >> did. he bought a rancho in '82, and it was a huge chunk of land in a little peninsula. it took decades for it to fill in with housing. >> when he died, he leapt 1,100 acres to widows and orphans, and his children that truck. they comprise the woods, sherwood forest, forestville. it was a contentious thing. it took about 13, 15 years in public. >> this is actually in golden gate park, the casino. it was a controversy at the time to have a place that serve liquor and had card games in golden gate park. eventually, it moved to 24th ave. >> we still have the newly recently refurbished stop along the great highway. the beach shall i -- chalet. i always find it ironic that these federal highway funds were used to refurbish this place for drivers to get a drink. terrific. [laughter] >> there were farms, and there were dairies, as these houses are starting to be built, and they are more conventional residents is, and they are still a farm. in the distance, you can see it is still sand dunes. >> and water once again from wi
Jan 7, 2013 9:00pm PST
. earlier this year, researchers at the gladstone institutes at ucsf helped unveil a detailed genetic happen that helped identify and catalog all of the bacteria present in the human digestive system and they believe knowing which organisms are there and what they are are doing can show us what is going on in our bodys. >> studies connected to a wide range of diseases from obesity to diabetes. >> richmond and her team are launching a startup becaused you byum. a gut level variation on gene sequencing companies like 23 and me. it is head quartered at an incubator lab at ucsf. they believe the project could pay multiple dividends. >> they are turning science into impact. >> clients will receive a kit and send back swab samples taken from different area of the body. hundreds it is sequenced the company hopes to provide valuable clues about an individual's health and lifestyle. >> looks like you are eating more carbohydrates than you think you are or drinking a lot of caffeine. >> it could eventually be compared to other databases as research advances benefiting both individuals and the scientif
Jan 22, 2013 5:00pm PST
next to food hospital prepares in house. >> well, ucsf up blood loaded data on to the my fitness pal app. >> you can use to it track how many calories are consumed during the course of the day. >> it can be used >>> this is "world news." tonight, the big freeze. for a third of the country. so cold, when the wind blows in minnesota, it feels like minus 53. so cold, fishermen discover their fish frozen together. >>> obama unleashed. the bold speech. but what will he do first? and after their late, late night, how the president and first lady shocked people at the white house today. >>> and what is this really? a first look at a new report. are some of your favorite foods in the grocery store not what they claim? >>> and sound and fury. ♪ star-spangled banner >> was beyonce really singing alone, or did she have help from a tape? was the band just pretending to play? >>> good evening. and we begin with the big chill. 133 million americans in this together.
Jan 23, 2013 12:00pm PST
a construction worker found a box around 8:45 this morning and that area is just north of the ucsf mission bay campus. the box was found at a construction site, sfpd immediate will go responding and found what looks like an old military box. they didn't tell us the contents of the box. they just said it contains suspicious items. we saw a robot earlier and the bomb squad carefully examined the contents of the box. an officer says this was a time- consuming process. >> time is on our side. we want to make sure we take things slowly and mental cloudy as we deal with anything whether it be something dangerous or not. we want to make sure we err on the side of caution for public safety and officer safety, as well. >> reporter: the incident caused several street closures including the area south of china basin. they had to shut down 3rd street between mission bay and mission rock, 4th between south bay and mission rock and other parts of the china basin. now they are trying to clear the area. officers told me the good news is no injuries were reported. and as mi
Jan 16, 2013 12:00pm PST
they will streamline online education. we're live from ucsf, i'm brian flores, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> we have an update on flooding that displaced workers at the unified district's building. the building on second avenue will be closed through spring at least. a list of the temporary locations for the displaced offices is posted on the school district's website. >>> oakland's square is making progress in reaching its goal as a gateway to the east bay. the project developer says that 90% of the available office space is leased. hard candy cases is leasing 4600 square feet in a relocation from danville. the downtown hub is also home to several new restaurants, including the forge which is opening at the end of this month. >>> we are just learning that the actor who played mr. drum monday on the sitcom "different strokes" has died at his home in livermore. conrad bain was 89 years old. this is video we found on u tiewb. his family -- youtube. his family says he died at his home last night. he was an amazing father like the kind hearted character on the show. he leaves behind a daughter and two s
Jan 22, 2013 12:00pm PST
on mission when the pedestrian was stuck near 16th street. that person was transported to ucsf hospital and is expected to survive. the bus driver will be put on non-driving status until the investigation is completed. >>> cancellations for the dreamliner came after the flights were canceled last week because of the safety concerns. the faa ordered all 787 flights to be grounded of a one of the planes made and emergency landing last week due to battery problems. >> they have to change the flight. >> they hope the airline can resume the flights very soon. the route just started about a week and a half ago. so far, more than 300 787s have been canceled. the flights are being rebooked on other -- on other planes out of sfo. >>> the national realtor association found that bay area home prices jumped 15% for all of 2012, says zillow. >>> sewering bay area rents may -- souring bay area rents may finally be slowing down. average rents in the east bay, peninsula and san francisco were almost unchanged in the fourth quarter of last year. average rents declined sitly in the south bay. some renter
Jan 3, 2013 2:00pm PST
not funded by the people profiting off these weapons, they found things like the 2009 ucsf study that the deaths more than doubles in the first year and the following years the number of shootings decrease but stayed above what it had been before tasers and this seems to be the trend, when tasers are introduced they are a new tool, it is exciting and get used a lot. and when that initial excitement levels out it is not decreasing fatalities. >> thank you. >> thank you very much. >> are there any other members of the public who would like to comment? in this hearing? and seeing, none, come forward we will close the public comment. we want to thank the members of the public for being here and taking part of in hearing and sharing their thoughts and concerns and their expertise as well. it is critical that we hear especially from folks who work in the neighborhood that probably have the highest incident of mental health crisis in san francisco where we would see the greatest deployment of the cit team and where if they were equipped with tasers would would see the highest incidence
Jan 17, 2013 12:00pm PST
at an unusually large number of publicly owned sites that are in play, the port, housing, ucsf, laurel heights property on the market. so it's incumbent on us to look at those sites -- if those sites play out as intended by the owners today there could be 10 million square feet of development on those sites. it's a huge site of development. those will consume a lot of our time over the next couple of years, on the environmental and entitlement side and urban design issues, and it's incumbent on us to look at the policy implications putting those public sites on play for development. secondly, the second piece of the work that i think is interesting is the work in the neighborhood commercial districts, partially related to the mayor's invest in neighborhood strategy which is looking at not necessarily upzoning those districts, but looking at how we invest in those districts, support businesses, and encourage investment where it can happen. so that is also, to me, a very interesting part of our upcoming work plan. there's a lot of work on our plate. our revenues as you will hear are way up, and
Jan 31, 2013 3:30am PST
. i want to congratulate ucsf mission bay campus for their 10 year anniversary which was exciting to have and then lastly i think we already acknowledged this but i wanted to thank mayor lee for the proposal he's putting forward to not pull the trigger for this and the first time since the city has been allowed to pull the trigger it's not being pulled by the mayor and that is exciting so thank you mayor lee. >> thank you. thank you for the applause. okay. item t, report of closed session action. there are nothing to report. the next one is posted in the agenda. next item is adjournment. meeting adjourned. we were going to recess to closed session. >> good evening and welcome to the regular meeting of the san francisco ethics commission. we'll begin by take the roll. commissioner studley. >> thank you all. here. >> commissioner hayon? >> here. >> commissioner hur? >> here? >> commissioner liu? >> here. >> all members being present, first item on the agenda is public comment on matters appearing or not appearing on matters of the ethics commission. >> good afternoon
Jan 6, 2013 1:30pm PST
san francisco general hospital, and also on staff at ucsf. he is at the forefront of world class trauma center that we have. and if you go day to day, and certainly with the 67 homicides that we have with the numbers of bodies that were showing up and people have shown up, many of which he saved, many of which he couldn't save that were victims of bullets and violence and gun violence in our city, you know that that's another good reason as to why we need to do as much prevention as we can. dr. campbell. >> good afternoon, mayor lee, supervisor cohen, chief suhr, members of the press. my name is dr. andrei campbell and i've worked at san francisco general hospital for the past 19 years as a trauma surgeon. before i came to san francisco i worked in new york. i have 24 years of experience of caring for victims in two major cities in our great country. this week all of us have watched with horror the events in newtown, connecticut, with great sadness as we learned the devastation that one person brought on that quiet community. i've seen the devastation that guns have visited on vi
Jan 20, 2013 5:00am PST
now, why build a microscope out of legos at all? the answer is a new program just launched at ucsf. it's a course designed to change the way scientists think about their work. one of the goals is to make research projects more practice by focusing on the end user. >> and having them work together in this ideal-based way. brainstorming ideas. it brings a new dimension to the way that science can be done. >> as a test case, the team was tasked with reimagining uses for cell phone microscope developed at the university of california. it's creators envisioned it as a way of diagnosing diseases in remote locations but it's yet to be commercialized. they brought in consultants, famed for work on the user interfaces like the original computer mouse. they helped hone the questions to a razor's edge. >> who might use it and how. >> they thought it needed a demonstration component. a way to help students and people understand thenar workings of the microscope. hence the home plate legos microscope project. >> i think the discovery they had from talking to teachers will how you might use somethin
Jan 23, 2013 5:00pm PST
of downtown oakland. >>> ucsf marked ten years of bioscience research in san francisco's mission bay. officials gave tours of the labs and other facilities that have been built there over the past decade. mayor lee joined former governor gray davis on the stage. some have caused mission bay the silicon valley of bioscience. >> this research is transforming how we train the future leaders in health. around us is a growing community of venture capitol firms and bioscience companies that either spun out of ucsf or chose to locate here to collaborate with us. >> they are building a new state of the art hospital in mission bay scheduled to open two years from now. >>> more live coverage of that fire in oakland when we come back. >>> also, surrounded by water but burning out of control. the fast-moving fire that spread across water. >>> plus, what stanford scientists say they have just developed in the battle against hiv and aids. hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol as part of a heart healthy diet. that's true. ...but you still have to go to the gym. ♪ the one and onl
Jan 23, 2013 5:00pm PST
-threatening. >>> the "all clear" in san francisco's mission bay tonight after a suspicious box is found near ucsf, a construction worker stumbled upon it this morning and called police. roads were closed and some buildings around the campus were evacuated. the bomb squad checked it out and determined it was nothing but a box of junk. >>> aer son charges could be filed against an artist and gallery owner after an exhibit was intentionally set on fire. an exhibit made up of matches was ignited as part of the art event and went out of control. youtube video shows another part of the exhibit being set on fire, as well. damage is around $5,000. >>> coming up, a super bowl staple in short supply. why the centerpiece of many party spreads will be missing or cost more. >> and an about-face on women in the military. the announcement coming from the pentagon that will open up thousands of new roles for female soldiers and sailors. >> send us your best 49er photos. we see a lot of people doing their best kaepernicking. send them to or upload them to
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 73 (some duplicates have been removed)